About us

Artic Travel Service offers charter transport with minibus / large bus. We drives organizations and groups to and from Nordkapp. We drive Hurtigrute passengers and cruise passengers. We also organize package tours,and king crabe safary.

Safety / service and reasonable price is something we think will give our customers a great experience by choosing us as their carrier up to the North Cape.

We provide experienced drivers who also are used to extreme winter driving.

Cruise passengers are always anxious to not reach their boat when they are up to the North Cape. We know this and we always have a safety network so that passengers will always be assured of reaching their ships if anything would happen.

We appreciate the island ours to we also appreciate our guests, we want all the wealth kommen and we hope that you are left with a good experience after having chosen us as your transortør.

Bengt Hansen Seljebu
General Manager - Artic Travel Service also General manager-Northcape Taxi Da